Thursday, 7 July 2016

Alice tattoo 5th sitting, and maybe a little life update

I'm neglecting my poor blog again! And I feel like all I have done this year is repeat myself about how I need to blogore often! But there it is. Life just happens sometimes and I need to stop beating myself up about things I do/don't do/feel like I should do...

When I last mentioned what's going on in my real life, I mentioned my PMDD and anti-depressants. I had a little review of the treatment last week, and whilst I felt like the medication was helping, I still had an awful couple of days when I was ovulating, so my doctor recommended that I take them every day instead of just 10-14 days out of the month.  I'm actually ok with it. If it's what I need to do to feel better and to be the best possible person (mother, wife, friend) that I can be while I am experiencing this difficultly with my hormones, then I am all for it.

I think maybe I will do a wedding preparations post, because I am supposed to be going shopping for craft supplies with my auntie next week so we can sort out all the DIY decorations I have planned.

Onto the most dramatic change then, I finally have Chess coloured in!!

Safe to say I am pretty much in love with him. I like to imagine Stephen Fry's voice on my arm like some sarcastic guardian angel.