Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Projects, projects and more projects...

So as I mentioned before in my Bat Fit kick off post I'm aiming to get back into crafting this year, as it's something I really enjoy and find relaxing,  and since having my daughter and not finding as much time I have really missed it. So heres a few of the projects I'm wanting to finish this year! 

First, the doll house. I always wanted a doll house when I was little, and never had a real one. I used to make cardboard ones with wall paper samples and sticky-back lino stuff, proper Blue Peter style (apologies if only UK readers get that cheesy reference... haha.) But a couple of months ago in the second hand shop near to where we live I saw a lovely looking georgian style doll house in the window, and my other half Rob actually bought her for me for Christmas.  I couldn't believe it. Life long childhood dream accomplished! Theres something wonderful about actually achieving things we dream of as children... hmm maybe I will write a whole other post about that!

And here she is :) a bit of a fixer-upper I admit, first off I hate yellow, and the windows and door are plastic and faded. The interior decor is very dated and the right side of the front face is wonky and needs adjusting. So far I have washed and dusted, and bought this little front door:

I'm excited to be thinking about colours and decor and can't wait to collect more bits. I think it's going to take a long time but a long term project is fine for now.

As I mentioned before,  I also have a little project I've been working on for my daughter's bedroom. Well. When she actually has a bedroom that is. But anyway, I have been a bit obsessed with the idea of bunting just lately and found some plain white bunting in Hobbycraft a little while ago that gave me a little zap of inspiration.  I had some cute black and white fabric hanging about that I was meaning to make more bow accessories with, but it was perfectly sized for bunting letters. So I traced and cut the letters to spell out Reegan's name on the bunting.

 I originally wanted to hand stitch every letter because it would look cute, but nearly three months on and I still haven't finished the first letter. I've decided it's just not realistic to continue, and have ordered some iron on adhesive instead.  Hopefully as soon as that arrives I can trace the letters and finish off.

I'm trying not to be too ambitious by over loading myself, but my mum bought me a jewelry making tool kit for Christmas and I have alot of other materials I've collected in our wardrobe. Whilst I'm not imminently going to be using it it's nice to know I have it ready when I need a new project.  I've have a couple of bracelets that need mending, and I've been wanting to make a headchain for ages. Possibly even a choker or two with all the ribbon and lace I have lying around. I suppose I'll get around to it all eventually,  I'm just looking forward to having our own place so that I can at least have one corner of the living room dedicated to a crafting desk where I can organise my things and leave out projects I have on the go.

Anybody else have more than one project on the go? Have you seen anything through from start to finish yet this new year?

Saturday, 3 January 2015

Bat fit 2015!!

Happy new year everyone! Hoping you all had a wonderful holiday season that brought you and your kin much joy and happiness.  This year has gone very fast for me, and our first Christmas as a family with our daughter was a very special one. I feel very blessed indeed. Reegan even managed to wake up before midnight for the New Year's celebrations which was pretty cool. We had a quiet little shindig at home with a few friends, with lots of food and lots of booze (although not much booze for me sadly, still breastfeeding you see) and I made my famously enormous paella for us.

But anyway, at nearly five months post partum it's definitely time for me to kick things up a notch and set myself some goals (and take some real exercise). I had put on a bit of weight before I fell pregnant anyway, so by the end of my pregnancy I had around 14 kilos (30 ish pounds) to loose. I lost the first 12 kilos in two months after giving birth, which I put down partly to breastfeeding,  partly to walking everywhere as I don't drive and also the fact that I began motherhood on an empty stomach because I was very sick during my labour. Plus you don't get much opportunity to sit around eating after having a baby.  Unless you ask people for help and to fetch you things, which I am not good at because one of my worst traits is my stubborn pride and inability to ask for help even when I need it. Maybe thats another thing to work on this year...

This year's bat fit theme is nourishment, and I'm feeling very excited and optimistic to be finally joining the Professor and everyone else on this journey. As I mentioned before I am breastfeeding,  so I have to eat well in order to keep my baby strong and healthy. When she is six months old I will be starting on solid foods, and I'm planning baby led weaning (letting them eat exactly what you eat - no purees or spoon feeding) so it's even more important to be eating well as a family.

To tell the truth I have also been feeling a tad burned out lately, Reegan has just gotten over her first cold and it's messed her sleeping patterns up terribly.  So with feeling tired and also having a clingy baby has meant I haven't spent alot of time for myself at all the past couple of months. I recently just restarted a sewing project for Reegan, just some bunting with her name on it, and I realised then how much I miss crafting and how much better I feel just taking a little bit of time to create. As well as crafting I like to read and cook, and visit museums and historic sites, soaking up the atmosphere and learning new things. Ironic as it is because when I was actually in education I hated it and couldn't wait to escape it. This year I'm going to be taking more time for things I enjoy, whether alone or with my family,  as to be the best mother I can be I must first take care to nourish myself.