Tuesday, 16 December 2014

5000 page views!

Woop woop!  Five thousand page views! After blogging for just over a year now I didn't think anybody would want to read,  let alone follow aswell so thanks everybody for reading along. I truly love writing,  and reading everyone elses posts too. The blogging community is so warm and welcoming, especially for such a misfit like me! I feel I belong with you guys :')

I'm sorry I don't have much else interesting to say, as I'm sofa bound at the moment. Poor Reegan has a terrible cold and conjunctivitis too, so she wants lots of cuddles from her mama and just wants to sleep on me a lot. Hopefully with Christmas coming up I can whip up some nice festive posts.  Thanks for reading and love to you all!

Monday, 15 December 2014

Gothic Beauty cover girl look

So I had another burst of inspiration from Gothic Beauty Magazine. I love the glossy cover shoots that showcase amazing hair and makeup looks, and a GB covergirl is much better style to aspire to than your average Cosmo one. Boring! When I'm feeling in a bit of a rut with my makeup routine it's nice to have good ideas right in front of me, thanks to my little stash of GB mags. This time around I used issue 42 for inspiration:

Property of Gothic Beauty Magazine

For me the look is always about the eyes! I love the depth of colour here, the cateye shape gives the soft blending a dramatic edge. Not to mention the tiny silver stars that give a lovely finishing touch. Now personally I don't shave my eyebrows (although the frustration that plucking can bring does leave me very tempted sometimes), so obviously they are a nice optional extra if you do happen to shave yours, and really bring the look together. Luckily though,  I did have some silver stars lying around from a nail accesory kit, and now I've used them once I want to use them all the time because they are so pretty. So here's what I ended up with, and I'll list what I used below:

The look I did ended up a lot more red than the original, probably because I used my Love+ Sugarpill eyeshadow, which is a bloodred pressed matt shadow. I also used a light red bronze in the inner corners and Sugarpill's Bulletproof matt black on the outer corners. I lined my top lids with black liquid eyeliner and the bottoms with my black twist-up pencil, not forgetting to line the upper and lower waterlines to blend in my false lashes. The lashes I used are by Eyelure and are my absolute favourites at the moment they go nicely with a cateye look and are the perfect medium length and thickness for me. I used a rose red lipstick on my lips, my current favourite L'OrĂ©al foundation and a touch of red/brown blusher to contour my cheeks. I only actually used the star gems underneath my eyes, as they're quite big and uncomfortable to wear on the upper lids. And as you can see from the pictures, my hair is looking rather blue. So I took another photo with the flash to show you guys how truly green it is now!  I found my ideal shade of green in Apple Green from Directions hair dye.

I originally dyed it green right before Halloween, so even people I know were asking if I had it this colour especially, and now with Christmas coming up people are still asking if it's some sort of seasonal special! Eyeroll! I suppose if you live like its Halloween everyday you could say that ;D