Saturday, 1 March 2014

Maybelline Baby Skin primer review

So here I am going to review the new Baby Skin primer, not sponsored, just like to share when I find a product I really love/hate. I am quite fond of this primer.

So this is what it looks like, just a small squeezy tube. When applying I find it's better to go in baby steps and only use a tiny blob at a time, or risk squeezing out much more than you need. Less is more here. It comes out a clear smooth gel, with a sort of matt looking finish to it. 

On the tube it claims to 'magically erase pores'. I wouldn't say its exactly a miracle worker, as the difference (when wearing just the product on its own) isn't hugely visible. Although when I fist tested it on the back of my hand I was amazed that the skin surface looked almost perfectly smooth. To the touch, however, it leaves skin really soft and smooth. A nice canvas to work on. Personally I have very dry skin, and though I moisturise a minimum of twice before applying, this product still really helps reduce the appearance of those dry blotchy patches once foundation is applied.

The tube also describes the product as 'light weight', and whilst there is no colour to it its quite a thick formula and can feel heavy. Don't be alarmed, it needs to be thick to do its job! 

Overall I would say I really like this product,  it pretty much does what it says on the tin and I would definitely buy it again. 

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