Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Cool ways to use a hot glue gun

I love my glue gun.

Just lately my sole source of crafting amusement has been making hair accessories.  I really do love it, the making process in simple and quick, and we all love accessorising right? It just wouldn't be possible without my glue gun, it was possibly my best ever crafting purchase.  It has two settings for different materials and bonding strengths, and dries amazingly quickly.  It cost me six pounds at a home store, for the amount that I use it it is well worth it. 

I have previously used it to make masquerade masks.

For hair accessories I have used plastic bats bought at Halloween, foam roses and bows I fashioned out of duct tape. Here are my results. 

This is a double bow I made from one standard piece of tape, stuck on to a bow made with two pieces of tape together.

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