Tuesday, 29 July 2014

The Professor's Monthly Homework Assignment

So when the Professor announced her new monthly theme post, the dog days of summer, I was excited to participate but it's a difficult one for me because I don't tend to enjoy hot weather all that much.

My favourite seasons are spring and autumn because of their transitional nature, not to mention the milder weather! I would much prefer a sightseeing holiday with museums and monuments rather than a beach holiday. So for me, although summer means camping and barbecues (which I love), it mostly just ends up with me trying to find ways to stay cool. Especially now, just ten days from my due date, this unusual heat wave we have been experiencing here in England has not been too pleasant for me. I think my next baby will have to be planned for a better time of year!

Dressing all in black is hard enough in the summer anyway, without being pregnant! So for the most part I have had to just make some style compromises and reassure myself that it won't last forever.  I'm hardly wearing foundation or heavy makeup just lately, and I really miss it. But BB creams with light eyeliner and lipstick are just fine. I don't half miss my false lashes, but unless I'm going to be spending time in an air conditioned environment that day they just aren't worth the hassle in the heat. I've also been having to wear my hair up alot more, which is annoying because my hair tends to kink really easily,  so once I have put it up its going to have to stay that way until next wash day. For some reason I also haven't even been wearing jewellery,  I don't know if it's laziness or what though, all I'm wearing at the moment is the black plastic jewellery that I wear in my stretched ear piercings and my lip ring, which I never take out anyway.

Even my dress sense has dramatically simplified itself in the heat, but limited materity wear choices might also have something to do with it, it's like a gothy-summer-maternity-capsule-wardrobe.  I have four identical black vests, one pair of plain leggings and one printed pair, two long black skirts, two short, and three oversized band shirts. I'm not even wearing cardigans or jackets, let alone socks or shoes! My feet are the most tanned part of my body!

But on the plus side, I have rekindled my love affair with all sorts of frozen goodies!  I have to drinking bottles on rotate in the freezer which I fill with juice or water, and half a million different types of ice lollies. The best ones by far have to be Asda's £1 for 6 super sour juice lollies. They are perfect for my sour cravings! Mmmm citric acid....

So for me dog days of summer is more about lifestyle adaptations than anything else. I don't drive, and walking can be difficult these days, meaning I only tend to go out on days when the bus won't be unbearably hot or someone is nice enough to drive me somewhere. But seeing as I haven't gotten around to getting myself a parasol yet (been on the wishlist soo long!) I still have my trusty umbrella!

Me at Download Festival with my zebra printed spiked leather handle brolly!

Hopefully things will cool down soon enough, summertime never lasts in England! But at least the long summer evenings mean staying out late and enjoying views like this one :)

Bristol harbourside at sunset 


  1. Some eyeliner was about all I could muster at the end of my pregnancy. lol Too much effort to do much else. I feel for you in this heat. I don't think we have those sour lollies you mentioned where I'm at. I would have loved those!

  2. Oh dear, I imagine it would be tough to be pregnant in the hottest part of summer!

  3. Glad I'm not alone on the makeup laziness ;) is it very hot where you are? It's not pleasant, but otherwise I do quite enjoy being pregnant :)

  4. Oh I know how hot it is to be pregnant during the warm months.
    The view of Bristol harbour looks fantastic!

  5. Thanks :) it is lovely to be able to walk right down there and just chill out on the floating docks

  6. YOU LOOK SO FREAKING ADORABLE!!! That shirt is hilarious! 10 days from your due date? 10 DAYS!!! Squee! Good luck and safe delivery.

    Thanks for participating!

  7. Thankyou! My other half got it for me, he knows me too well! Can't wait to see what next month's assignment will be :)