Monday, 4 August 2014

John Frieda 3 day straight: review

I'll just start off by saying this is a non sponsored post. I just have really curly hair naturally and when I do want to wear it straight I have a hard time getting it to stay that way. I can style it straight,  and in a couple of hours the kinks and curls begin to show again. The John Frieda 3 day straight is a spray that claims to 'work with your straighteners to give you smooth, perfectly striaght hair' and 'transform curly frizzy hair' for up to three days. I had heard of this product before now, I just never thought it would actually work on me. My hormones have made my hair even more difficult these days. So I put it to the test.

The instructions tell you the spray must be applied to damp or wet hair, NOT dry hair. But the first time I used it I accidentally left my hair too long after washing and it dried. So I just sprayed it on my dry hair and blow dried it a bit (blow drying is the next step after application,  but I normally let my hair dry naturally). I thought there was no harm in trying various methods,  but this way didn't make much difference to how my hair normally behaves, and my hair got greasy very quickly.

On my second attempt,  I applied to my wet hair (the instructions say 10-15 sprays which I think is a ridiculous amount, plus I was wary of the greasy result again) just enough to coat it, maybe 5 sprays, and brushed it through and let it dry naturally as I usually do.

So above is how my hair usually looks before styling, huge and frizzy. My curls did loosen a bit when I brushed it, alot of the time it's more ringlet-y.

I forgot to take a picture immediately after styling, but this is what my hair looked like on day 2 after sleeping on it, and only brushing it through.  I was very impressed!

And here we have day 3. I wore it up but it was still pretty much straight. Nowhere near as wavy as it would be normally at this point.  Overall I am pretty pleased with the results.  It made my hair feel much more sleek and in control than it normally is, I didn't even have to put any oils on it to tame the frizz, not to mentiom my hair ACTUALLY stayed straight.  The only downside is that it feels lank and greasy alot more quickly than it normally would, so you would have to wash it on the 3 day mark. I do try to be good to my hair (because I colour it so much), so I never blow dry it and only heat style it or back comb it once per hair wash, and this spray really helps with sticking to that. Yay!

Anyone else tried this product? Did it work for you?


  1. This is great. I think I'll try this on my step-daughter. She prefers her hair straight but it won't stay straight. Thank you for the review

  2. Glad to help! Hope this works for you :)