Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Good news

So a little explanation as to why I have been so quiet this past couple of weeks, WE ARE MOVING HOUSE! We are so happy, we got the news a week and a half ago and it has been all systems go trying to get the new house in a livable state so that we can move in ASAP. It's only five minutes away from where we live now, with three bedrooms and a nice garden. We are planning to finally grow our own vegetables! Although at the moment I'm in the process of pickling all of the jalapeƱos that Rob's dad has grown, because nobody in the house likes spicy food but me, and I couldn't possibly eat them all myself. At the moment the house has no central heating so we are having a wood burning stove fitted tomorrow. Then we have to replace all the carpets and the kitchen and paint the walls before we can move in.


We have already started painting two of the rooms and my inlaws already disaprove of our colour choices. Guess what boring people? I DON'T CARE IF YOU LIKE IT OR NOT. WE LIVE HERE NOW!! Hahaha.

Yep, our living room is now pink. Ish. 

This is us and we are expressing ourselves and making our own mark on the house. We won't be living there for longer than two years, but we want to love living there whilst we do. I'll post updates and photos as we go along so keep your eyes peeled!


  1. Congrats! I am so happy for you. Enjoy the new home! I totally agree, you will be living there so might as well make paint the walls the way YOU like. Afterall, you are the ones that are going to have to look at them everyday :) *hugs*

  2. Hi lovely! It was so cool to bump into you today - sorry if I was a bit weird but it took me by surprise to be recognised, haha. Good luck with the move :) x x x

    1. Oh hey! Yeah sorry if a seemed a bit weird and stalkerish! I didn't know what to say lol but yeah it was really cool to see you in real life! Haha. Thankyou :) x x x

  3. How exciting! I am glad for you! And being able to have your own garden, and paint schemes... I long to be able to paint a house how I like! I love wood stoves too, so wonderful to sit in front of and watch, much more romantic than a heater!