Monday, 18 November 2013

Charity shop and vintage haul!

Saturday a couple of friends and I decided to go on a huge charity shopping trip, a charity shop crawl if you will. We are very lucky as Bristolians to have the legendary Gloucester Road right on our doorstep, as it's pretty much the largest stretch of independent shops in the whole of Europe, or so I've heard. I never appreciated how cool a place it is to live until I moved to this side of town last year. We visited about 10 shops on our trip, and that's barely half of the charity and vintage shops there are on Gloucester Road.  

My friend Liv got about five skirts(two of which cost a pound), and three or four tops plus a really nice black and purple cardi. I bought a nice knitted black bolero for £3.50 in one shop, and hit the jackpot in  the vintage shop Billie-Jean Clothes. I will put their facebook link below, as I have borrowed the pictures from their site. I really do love this shop and it's a real shame that they are closing down, the sheer number of beautiful pieces crammed into one tiny shop, I could simply spend hours perusing the racks immersed in this fashion treasure trove. They have so many deliciously gothy items I feel guilty keeping it to myself! 

Outfit no 1: velvet Frank Usher dress with frill sleeves
Outfit no 2: black lace frill skirt with a lace sleeved blouse, a bit of a victorian gypsy feel to it.
The picture of the Frank Usher dress really doesn't do it justice, it is simply stunning. My friends weren't letting me leave the shop without it! It has a split up the back centre skirt, and the material is thick and stretchy but very high quality, and the sleeve frills are HUGE. I will have to do an outfit post when I wear it out. The blouse from outfit two is perfect, is fits very well and on the back there are buttons going all the way down. I have been looking for a blouse like this for a while but couldn't quite find the perfect one until now!

Here's the link to Billie-Jean Clothes, check them out!

Sorry for the super long post, I just love shopping ;) support small businesses guys! 

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