Saturday, 2 November 2013

Tattoos, onesies and chinese food

 A birthday celebration

So yesterday was Protector of the Realm's birthday, and we did so many exciting things to celebrate! The day before his birthday I snuck over to the caravan and put up balloons and bunting up to surprise him, and also left up the onesie I bought him as a present.

And here is a picture of him wearing it, he loves it!

We spent most of the day at the tattoo shop, a favourite pastime of Lexington and Protector of the Realm. I will post pictures of the work we had done in a week or two when they have healed :) After that we went home and got ourselves ready to go out, we started at the pub and then went for Chinese food which was amazing and we all ate so much food!
Not bad for fourteen of us!!

There was also a pretty entertaining chilli incident, involving a few of us challenging eachother to eat the chilli oil and see how much heat we could really take! It was very spicy. One of our friends actually drank the whole pot because we offered him fifteen pounds to do it, and he did well. He also left the money as a tip instead of keeping it, how sweet :)

Because his birthday falls right after Halloween he has kind of gotten fed up of sharing his birthday with the holiday, so he chose not to dress up this year. Some of us still did though, and although I don't have a picture of my outfit (think whimsical pirate), here is a picture of the mask I made using a plastic mask as a template for some serious glue - gunning action.

I will post a picture sometime soon of me actually wearing it, until then dear readers!


  1. Crackibg night luv. Really enjoyed it!!! And fun reading back on it. Plus the onsie and caravan look mint :P x

  2. Aw thanks lovely and thanks for coming! :) moving in today!! X