Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Chepstow Castle (and other adventures)

So as to recover from the madness of the holiday season I took four days off work over the weekend in order to spend sone time with people close to me and just generally have a rest. On saturday Protector Of The Realm and I went to Chepstow Castle to do some exploring. 

I really love history, going to museums, visiting historic landmarks, houses and estates make me very excited. The castle is only half an hour away from where we live, my mother lives there and its also where we get our tattoos done so all in all a rather convinient location. They also allow dogs into all areas of the Castle, which is really nice for people with dogs as not only do you get to geek out on history but its great excercise for everyone and puppy doesn't get left at home.

Most of the visit went without a hitch, excepting the first window we stopped to look at, of course Inca wanted to get a closer look too. She jumped right up onto the window and halfway over the edge, and if she hadn't been on a leash we definitely would have lost her. Scary stuff!

Here are some pictures I took around the castle.

My favorite,  the low winter sun made for some beautiful views
And finally Inca and Protector exporing!
On sunday I travelled up to London to see my closest friend,who I haven't really seen since she moved up there three months ago. Its times like that you really appreciate those close to you in your life, which is a shame because we should learn to appreciate them every day. That's definitely what I do now. We had plans to visit a museum as well as (obviously) take a stroll through Camden and visit the wonderful markets there. In the end we only really had time to go to Camden, but I didn't mind at all. We had a lovely time and discovered many gothy treasure troves in the markets. We even went to the Cyberdog shop, which was fun and rather novel. I never realised hiw big it is either,  it spans three floors!

What do you guys like to do with your time off? :)

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