Friday, 10 January 2014

New purple hair!

New purple hair!! 

So after more than a year or dying my hair blue, I have finally taken the plunge and gone purple! 

 My chin looks rather large here, haha, but it was the best shot I could get of today's makeup and my new hair together! I ended up with a double-pointed flick and bottom lashes today, and its almost anime looking from the front.

I am wearing MAC studio fix fluid foundation with powder, it's the lightest shade they make and I think its NW10. Don't quote me on that though. On my eyes I have a shimmery lilac shade from Accesorise blended with grey, this purple is my all time favourite,  its so pretty and shimmery and it blends beatifully with other colors especially darker ones. On my lips I'm wearing the Mirror Shine lipstick from Seventeen in Roserie, it's a very pale lilac.

My hair on the other hand, has ended up a rather unusual colour. It's hard to explain as my crappy camera can't really pick it up, but because I started with Capri Blue from Crazy Colours, which was quite electric. When I decided I was tired with it I simply stopped dying it so much and let it fade. After a couple of moths it got to turquoise and I realised unless I chemically treated it (which I really didn't want to do) it wasn't going to fade any more. From experience and from other people I now know that blue sticks to hair as much as red fades from it.

I mixed a whole pot of Violet from Directions (my new favorite brand, the pots are handy for keeping leftovers and the thick formula is a dream to apply!) With two thirds of a pot of Cerise, and have ended up with an almost luminous dark purple with lots of blue undertones! I will try and get some better quality pictures because the colour is pretty cool.

Sorry for the rant... thinking about some new makeup reviews soon, and possibly even my hair-colour-journey-thusfar? In six months I went from black to blue, and it took patience but I want other dark haired ladies out there to know its not impossible to have whatever colour you want :)


  1. WOW! Great Color... and I love your Makeup...

    1. Thanks! I think I have a purple fetish... hahaha.