Monday, 16 June 2014

Gothic Beauty covergirl look

I love Gothic Beauty magazine, I just love to sit and immerse myself into the decadent beauty within it's pages. One of my favourite bits is seeing the covergirl look, the hair, the makeup, the clothes, it's simply flawless. So one day the inspiration struck me to try and copy that look. At the time I was reading issue #43 and fell in love with the eyelashes used, eyelashes are my weakness! So I went in search of lashes just like them, and decided to just recreate the whole look.

So here is the cover of issue #43 that my look is based on. I wish they would feature a how to of each cover look in the magazine, so here is my modified version, made easy!

And the products I used were:

- the Pore fessional by Benefit
- Studio Fix Fluid in NW10 by MAC
- Eyeshadow Primer Potion by Urban Decay
- Bulletproof pressed eyeshadow by Sugarpill
- a white/silver shade from Lipsy London's Nighttime Goddess pallet
- Supercat black eyeliner pen from Soap and Glory
- Exaggerate waterproof black eye definer pencil from Rimmel
- Shade 04 Kate lipstick also from Rimmel London (a very dark purple)
- Feather eyelashes from Stargazer (I had to cut them up into various small bits as you can see below)

So I started with my standard primer and foundation routine of the Benefit pore reducer with MAC foundation on top, and next I covered my whole lid up to the brow bone with  this very white silver shadow. Please do excuse this very messy pallet I haven't cleaned it in a while!

Next I blended my black eyeshadow into the outer corners of my eyes to create a very slight wing, and lined my eyes very thinly (a hard task for an eyeliner addict like me!) with the eyeliner pen. The fact that it was quite a fine tipped liner really helped to get the fine precise lines, as well as the those inner corner flicks!

Next I lined my upper and lower waterlines, and coloured my lower lash line as well. I then set about snipping up the feather lashes into smaller more useable portions, as they were originally a strip lash designed for the upper lids. I used a small portion of the inner lash corner and attatched to feather lashes to each one. I had to trim the feather lashes down a bit as they were very long. I also tried to leave as much of a usable lash strip as possible after all the trimming down, so I actually still have a smaller pair of feather lashes to use now. After this step I lightly shaded in my brows and added my lipstick to finish.

I'm thinking of doing a few more of these looks, as it was a very fun to do, although fiddly and challenging at times. So keep your eyes peeled!


  1. I love your purple hair. And we seem to like the same furniture too :)

  2. Thanks! Yeah I think we do.... it's a sign of good taste! ;)