Thursday, 29 May 2014

Finding your own happiness

The best way to be happy in yourself is to simply do it. Reach out and take life into your own hands and mold it into your own happiness, make yourself happy by just being who and what you want to be.

But sometimes it isn't that easy and things aren't quite in your control.  Today started off as pretty crappy in all honesty, it just felt like everyone I encountered was just rude and ignorant, and you can only watch people behave in this way for so long before you loose your faith in people a little bit. I am so glad that I only have three days until I finish work and am on maternity leave, because pregnancy hormones make unpleasant people so much harder to deal with. I am a very patient and cheerful person but there are still times when customers have the ability to bring you down and make you cry.

I finished work at quite an early time for me, and I had some bits and bobs in mind that I wanted to get so I went out shopping by myself and actually made myself feel a hell of a lot better. I took a little trip down Gloucester Road and ventured into places I have never been before, places I have seen and thought,  I would love to go there, but have never gotten around to it or had the confidence to go on my own. I went in a few second hand thrifty and reclamation type shops and saw a lot of beautiful furniture that was perfectly my style. I am currently not in any position to buy any furniture because I neither have the space or my own home to put it in, but when the time comes we will have a whole house to furnish so it was nice to at least look for things. I feel better even though I couldn't buy things, as I now know where to look and what I want to look for. It also helps that I took a shopping break for tea and macaroons.... tea makes everything better.

Well. Ok I bought two things. I bought a teacup for 50p and a stool with cast iron legs  for £6. I plan to reupholster the stool for a project when I am on maternity leave. And its only small so it will fit quite easily next to the bed so I can put clothes on it (I have issues with wearing an outfit and then saving it for another day before I wash it again, and I don't like putting clothes away again if I have already worn them).

I am thinking of some sort of textured velvet for the stool. I'll see what I can find...

Even so, I took pictures of some the most beautiful pieces that I would have bought if I had the chance.

Beautiful beautiful mirror. Really regret not buying this now...

A rather lovely cabinet.  I do love dark traditional wood pieces.
And finally this treasure.  I am absolutely head over heels for this ornately carved beauty. It was only £150... I have absolutely nowhere to store this but my heart aches for it...
Shopping second hand is such a good way to shop, its affordable,  better for the environment and who can say no to such amazing finds. And you certainly won't find any mass produced inferior Ikea style crap in shops such as these.


  1. I love that stool you picked up, that will look lovely with some fresh velvet on. Those cabinets too - LOVE, especially the bottom one! Don't you just hate it when you fall in love with a piece of furniture that you have no room for? Happens to me all the time :)

    1. Yeah I can't wait to freshen him up a little bit with new fabric! I actually am now buying the huge dresser at the bottom, my wonderful mother volunteered to store it for me so problem solved! Yay!