Thursday, 8 May 2014

Iron Fist Timmy Chew Flats: review

I am soo excited that I received my new Iron fist flats in the post today, so excited that I must share with everyone! The delivery time was really quick, so I am very happy with that aspect, as the seller (found on Amazon) was also selling them for a very reasonable price. They usually retail at anything from £32-£38 so I am very pleased to have found them for only £22. HOWEVER, these shoes are worth the higher price in my opinion.

In their pretty box, not as cool as the old packaging. But the teeth and eyeball design rocks!

I have previously owned THREE pairs of Iron Fist flats, all of the pvc variety. I loved them so much that I decided to go back and purchase them a fourth time. First I had the Wolfbeater flats about five years ago which I wore until they fell apart, and bought another pair exactly the same. Back then the lining was black velvet and much nicer.

My first Iron Fist love. Image sourced here

 They eyeball design inside the Timmy Chew shoes is cool, but when the inside of a shoe is more plastic-y it can get sweaty.

After I had worn out my second pair of Wolfbeaters I then purchased the Zombie Stomper flats, structured almost identically to the Timmy Chews. I also wore these until they gave up the ghost. You might think that they are lacking in quality for me to have worn out so many of these shoes in this amount of time, but I am someone who gets very attached to my footwear. When I find something I like,  I will literally wear it to death, like every day. Plus I don't drive, I walk practically everywhere,  so these shoes have served me faithfully.

My third pair. Image source

I especially love the fact that they are made from pvc. I have quite wide feet, and can vary from a UK 7 to an 8. I have to buy an 8 in these, and at first they are little bit tight, but because of the material they stretch and mold to your feet. Perfect!

Iron Fist can be expensive to buy, but I just love their designs and attention to detail, the graphic prints suit me down to the ground. People will always compliment you when wearing this brand because it's so different and unique. I know I will be purchasing yet ANOTHER pair when these ones have run their course.

*NOTE: I was not sponsored to write this post, I just love these shoes. And PS, I have since worn them to the supermarket and they were really tight. It appears I have big fat pregnancy feet :( lots of wearing in to do!