Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Sleek eyeshadows and new makeup

Recently went on a shopping trip with my cousin, and this is what I bought :)

I recently read a pretty good review over at Maliberry Makeup on Soap and Glory's Supercat liner, and was convinced to buy it. Although it was on 3 for 2 at Boots so I bought two Sleek eyeshadow palletes and got the liner for free! It really is a great product and it goes on like a dream. It's also alot cheaper than I thought it would be at around £6.99, all around a great find!

I got the Bodyshop blusher because my cousin had some "points" (they have a complicated reward scheme that I don't really understand.  Main point is, lots of freebies. I want in.) that she needed to use up, and got lots of free stuff.  She was kind enough to get me this blusher and also give me her free bottle of Cherry Blossom perfume oil, she likes normal perfumes whereas I prefer natural and subtle scents. I have never used blusher in my life so was a little hesitant,  and went for a really pale shade just in case. Kind of wish I had listened to my cousin's opinion and bought the deeper pink now but at least it's a safe colour to practice with. It's surprising how much a dab of blusher can brighten your face.

Lastly, my Sleek I-Divine mineral eyeshadow palletes. I've had my eye on these for a while now, with each pallete holding twelve richly pigmented colours, they are a bargain at £7.99 each. They have a whole range of colours that I'm lusting after, but they ones I got are Ultra Mattes V1 (left) and Vintage Romance 141 (right). The palletes are sturdy and sleek (haha.) and there is a large mirror inside each of the lids, with a clear plastic sheet with each shade name on it. I think the shade names should be on the palletes themselves rather than on a separate sheet, which I will no doubt loose in time. They also come with your standard foam eyeshadow applicators. They come in a box which I show in the first picture, and on the back there are tips and colour combination suggestions,  which I really like.

So far I have only used two shades from the matte pallete but am in love already. Here is a picture of me wearing the neon pink shade, Pout.

I forgot to take a proper picture after finishing my makeup because it was our beer festival at work the whole weeked was crazy busy, plus it was the mayday bank holiday, so excuse all the added facepaint. This is me and my friend Lou after we got our faces painted, which is probably my favourite bit of the festival as we have a face painter every year and my boss pays for us all to have our faces done. I painted simple cat eyes over the solid pink eyeshadow applied up to my brow bones in a gentle cat eye also. I then applied false lashes and a pastel pink gem underneath each eye, the rest of the fancy stuff was added by the face painting lady.

Another photo of us posing behind the bar. I also forgot to take a photo of my hair that day, which is a shame because I was really proud of it. I saw a really cool tutorial for a 'fauxhawk' on YouTube and decided to try and copy it. You can't see it that well but I think I did ok, although I added the skeleton hair clips on each side of course ;) I will have to try it again sometime with better pictures!

So all in all a productive week and busy busy weekend! Did anybody else celebrate may day this weekend? What did you do to celebrate?

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