Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Country life

This Sunday I ended up having a day off, and because I always work weekends I didn't quite know what to do with myself. So I went to visit my mum in the countryside where she lives on a farm. It's a really lovely place to spend time away from busy suburban life, although due to all the animals it's not really any quieter!

They have recently had six geese hatch, and I think six guinea fowl too. The guinea fowl are still very small and shy and are in a heated tank,  but the geese are growing fast and are hilarious to watch.

They follow my mum (hereby known as mother goose) and little sister around whenever they are let out and don't like to be left behind.  Their feet are almost adult sized and they are quite clumsy, when they run they raise their wings and their huge feet make a funny slapping sound on the floor. It's insanely cute.

The tiny guinea fowl babies

There are also swans living on the lake, mum thinks their eggs might have hatched too.

Mother goose and her babies

The lake is full of fish, the sheep have been lambing, there are bats everywhere, there is an owl nest above the garage and there are horses in the next field.  There are literally animals all around,  it's a wonderful feeling, and I'm glad that my three year old sister will get to grow up here. I never really had pets as a child, for most of my life we lived in a flat and then a house with a tiny garden, so I love spending time here and can't wait to bring my own children here to experience the magic.

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