Saturday, 21 June 2014

Manic Panic Metallic lipstick review: Hells Bells

I've previously mentioned in this post here my love for lipsticks and how they can so easily transform a look on application.  Most of the lipsticks I own are your standard high street brands which can be very limiting in terms of colour choice and finish, and brands that offer better choices are more often than not high end and therefore not so budget friendly.  The reason I chose Manic Panic was because of their midway price points of products and their company policies on vegan products and animal testing. I've really been trying to get into cruelty free products lately and its great to see alternative brands that are so dedicated to the cause.

At £9.99 each, they aren't that cheap, but then they aren't completely extortionate either, and it's worth it for the fact that you get (in my opinion) a quality product from a trustworthy brand in a shade selection unseen elsewhere. Not that I can speak for any of the other lipsticks just yet, but I am hoping to collect a few more and see!

So heres what the packaging looks like. Pretty average, functional and doesn't feel cheap or likely to break. It's nice and sturdy on application too, which is good because nobody likes wobbly lipstick!

The colour I bought was Hells Bells, a metallic silver colour. I wanted something really different,  but fairly colour neutral because I'm planning on changing my hair colour again soon after my baby is born.

And here's what it looks like on, with my colour clashy red eyeshadow and purple hair combo! On first application it is quite thin and sheer, so it takes a good couple of layers built up to get the true colour intensity on the lips. Despite wearing three or four layers of thr lipstick, it actually felt very light and moisturising and as if I was wearing nothing at all. I kept forgetting I had it on and smudged it a few times. I'd say after an hour or two you would definitely need anothet layer, but that doesn't bother me and I expect that when wearing lipstick.

Overall I really like this product and can't wait to purchase more from them soon! Maybe once month.... I hope!

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