Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Black and white theme post: matching outfits

I knew straight away what I was going to feature for this month's theme from Sophistique Noir.

At the time of the announcement I had just been shopping for baby clothes for my daughter, and had gotten her an adorable black and white panda outfit from H&M. It consists of stripy black and white leggings, a white longsleeve vest with a panda on it, and a little stripy hat with ears. And then, the first time I put her in it I realised I was wearing my black and white striped blouse, making for an accidental mummy-daughter outfit coordinate.

One with the hat...

And one without. She's much happier without the hat. Reegan doesn't like hats.

Funnily enough, my black and white blouse is also from H&M, which I usually wear over a plain black vest and leggings, also from H&M. Two whole oufits from the same shop! Still undecided on whether matching outfits are cute or weird though....

Not the best photo, but it was near bedtime and baba was feeling grumpy!


  1. I think the matching outfits look very cute - because you don't have completely the same outfit - smaller stripes for the smaller one ^^

  2. That baby is just adorable!

  3. Thats true, the aren't completely matchint so it's not so bad ;) lol. Funny how they always look their cutest when theu are asleep right!

  4. Well, this one wins hands-down as the most ADORABLE post of the Black & White theme!!! She is too precious. And that panda... I can't handle that much cute!! :D

  5. I couldn't resist the panda! I just had to!

  6. omg she is getting so big already! I love the outfit.

  7. I know! She is seven weeks old and fits snuggly into the 0-3 months size. I just can't believe how fast they grow!!