Saturday, 6 February 2016

Outfit post: Victoriana Frock Coat

As most of you know, I've recently moved house and still haven't properly organised everything yet. It's only been  three months.... ha! One of the great things about finally having our own space is finding old stuff that has been sitting in storage forgotten about, and remembering how in love with said stuff I was and still am. I found a big box of old clothes that I packed away when I was pregnant with my daughter, back when we lived in a caravan.  Sigh. I miss that little thing! Although some of the items I found were (and probably will forever be) too small, I'm at peace with that and have a lot of clothes to donate to charity shops. I hope someone else will find them, fall in love and wear them with pride.

One of my best re-discoveries was my Spindoctor frock-coat. It's a tough one to wear though, because it's not quite warm enough to wear as a coat and much too warm for the summertime, so I wear it most in Autumn and Spring when the weather is milder and I can get away with just wearing it as a jacket. When it is really cold though I can wear it underneath my long coat.

Why do I always do photos BEFORE hair and makeup?! Don't even ask about the socks...

It's quite the statement piece on it's own, so normally I would wear a short skirt and simple vest underneath. In fact, I think I actually wore it over this outfit here:

 You can't even see it really but it is just a velvet mini skirt and vest. It makes a nice update on Reegan though, who is now one and a half. What! I have a toddler now apparently. Things have been difficult with herthe past couple of weeks, while she has quite a good vocabulary for her age and I try my hardest to always listen and understand her we are struggling with communication and boundaries at the moment. It's only natural but it's still challenging!


  1. Nice coat and you are looking great!

  2. Finding old things that still fit is always wonderful! And someone will have some great secondhand finds when you donate the others! A rare Gothy find is so exciting!

    1. It is! I'm hoping you're right and someone does make a great find of my old stuff!

  3. I sometimes wonder what it would be like for us blog friends to get together and share our wardrobes, trade and swoon over things :)