Saturday, 5 October 2013

Lets get down to business. I shall now formally introduce you to our new home.

Here she is! Very eighties don't you think ;)
That's 330 square feet of living space for me, the boyfriend and our dog. We can't move in yet because we have no water or gas, although we do have electricity, and have already spent an evening or two with a takeaway and a glass of wine after a hard day working on it. I'm actually looking forward to it because it's actually a lot more space than we have at the moment, which is essentially just our bedroom which we are renting in somebody else's house.

Also, I would like to at least decorate our new bedroom before we move in, and then work from there. Its the room that needs the least doing to it, I'm going to paint the walls and replace the carpet and add a few finishing touches after that, nothing fancy. The living and kitchen area however, are probably going to be ripped out and replaced so expect some radical before and after shots!

Here's a sneek peek at the dining area...

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