Monday, 14 October 2013


Just wrote this post twice and lost it both times! :( technology you are not my friend. On the plus side, we are moving into the caravan this week, although for a while we are going to be living off of a camping stove ('It's an adventure, Lexington!' I must say to myself...). I think that it's going to motivate us into sorting everything out faster if we are going to be living there in the state it is now. Not quite perhaps, because we started on bedroom improvements yesterday :D

We found a damp patch under the carpet :(

Luckily Protector Of The Realm (silly boyfriend nickname, we like game of thrones) is a dab hand at fixing these things.

Hole. In the floor.

So when all of that was over with, we could start painting the walls. Speaking of paint, here are my new paint samples for the living area.

I really like the purple on the far right, possibly paired with the grey on the far left? Anyway, I went and bought a carpet for our bedroom today so everything is progressing quickly now.  Hopefully by the time I write my next post the bed Protector Of The Realm is making will be finished, and I will be writing all about moving in!

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