Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Makeup reviews: better on a budget?

I have been wanting to write about makeup for a little while now, and have decided to start a bit of a theme. I really love makeup; using it, wearing it, looking at it, I'm quite addicted. However when one faces shopping on a budget (as I do), finding quality products to suit your needs can prove difficult. Hence, high street vs the big brands to inform the average girl.

This post will start with foundations. Until about a year ago I wasn't interested in foundation at all, and had only had one experience wearing it and it was awful. Some friends (sorry guys!) had wanted to 'make me over', and I ended up with heavy uncomfortable coverage that didn't match my skin tone at all. I'm pale and like it that way, and I do even tend to go for shades even lighter than mine although I make a point of good blending and not over-doing it.

I own four foundations, of varied prices and quality. They all have their good and bad points, and here I shall review them.

L-R: No7 Restore & Renew £16.50, Rimmel London Match Perfection £6.99, Mac Studio Fix Fluid £21.50 (NAUGHTY LEXI!) , Max Factor Whipped Crème £9.99.

Puppy decided I was doing something interesting and came to investigate...
Rimmel was the first foundation I owned, and in the beginning I loved it, being the lightest (non white) shade I have yet to match, but it didn't last and tended to make my skin look dry and patchy. Even though it is a liquid foundation and proclaims 'light perfecting radiance'. Good for beginners I suppose.

After months of obsessive moisturising and thinking I just had stupid skin, I decided to try No7. It's actually from their anti-aging range because I needed something that wouldn't dry out my skin. On the swatches I did it looks surprisingly dark but when applied its barely there. The downsides, the coverage wasn't full enough and actually made my skin greasy after a few hours.
Next I tried Max Factor, and whilst I didn't love it at first, it is now a firm favourite. It looks a little orange on my arm, but on my face it gives beautiful semi-matt coverage and covers a lot of my freckles (yay). I almost reminds me of the Dream Matt Mousse because of how thick it is, but applies so easily using only my fingers, for liquid foundations I always use a sponge.
At around the same time I bought the Max Factor foundation I decided to try my first Mac product. I felt terribly indulgent at the time, and although I do like this one, it smells funny and I won't be buying the same product again. Maybe I shall try another next time... But here are my colour swatches, in the same order as before.

Finally here are two photos of me wearing the best two (Max Factor Whipped Crème and Mac Studio Fix).

Max Factor <3 winner!

Wearing Mac. Apologies I'd had a rough day..


  1. im currently using the rimmel - but now i might try the max factor! <3

  2. I would definitely recommend, but moisturise well first!