Monday, 28 April 2014

Spring cleaning and nesting urges

So I am jumping on the springtime bandwagon. Maybe a little bit late, but better late than never! I'm really starting to feel it now, the magical spring feeling of growth and change and new begginings. I think I have finally shed my sleepy winter coat after spending it living in our caravan through all that torrential rain back in January.

I'm now 25 weeks pregnant (only 15 to go, yay!) and reality is starting to set in. Lots of things are going to change in the coming months,  some of which I am in control of, some that I am not. But determination and a positive attitude shall prevail! We are living with my other half's parents at the moment, waiting for a council house because we can't afford anything else. Even though we have already been here a couple of months I have only just started to pack and unpack things ready for when we have our own place. I've even put some of my decorations up in our bedroom, and its really helped me to feel more grounded and like we have our own space, if only little,  for now.

Organising silly little things has also helped, and settles my nesting urges a bit, as I am itching to sort a room and a cot for baby, none of which we have any room for at the moment. So here are some silly things I have been doing to distract myself:

My corner shelf unit with nicknacks, dreamcatcher, ivy, and beloved Victoria Frances calendar. It feels nice to feminise the room a bit as the atmosphere was rather masculine.

My collection of eyelashes,  now organised in this pretty silver box!

My lovely jewellery stand which was a birthday gift from my boyfriend's sister. I wear jewellery so much more now that I have it on the wall to see.

And finally a closeup of the teacups sitting on my corner shelf. I got these adorable little cups from a charity shop, they were made by Hendricks Gin but when I saw the literary quotes inside them I was in love. The left one reads "Minds, like bodies, will often fall into a pimpled, ill-conditioned state from mere excess of comfort." -Charles Dickens.  And the right one is from Oscar Wilde; "A dreamer is one who can only find his way home by moonlight."


  1. I have a lot of lashes too. I should probably organize them too. I just threw them all in a drawer and I can never match them up half the time :/

  2. Yeah its such a pain! I have been meaning to organise them for so long and now I have I'm so glad I did :) although I might need a bigger box already...

  3. I LOVE those little teacups, what a great find! Treasures indeed - I'm glad they are out on display :)

  4. I think I need more of them... haha! I couldn't not put them up on display they are too pretty