Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Cheaters makeup... how to goth it up quick!

I admit I am quite the girly girl. I love playing with makeup, and when I do I like to take a long time doing it. So when I know I don't have enough time to "put on my eyes" as I like to say (involing eyeliner, shadow AND false lashes) but still want to feel pretty, I do tend to cheat a little bit.

This is where lipsticks come in. Just a dab of foundation here, a flick of mascara there, pretty average right? But a slick of your favourite lipstick adds a magical touch of gothiness on the most time pressed of occasions. Here are my favourites:

Collection 2000 at Boots, ltd edition gothic collection in Seduction,  £2.99. This shade ia a dark berry red with pink undertones. Couldn't find this online. Hoping they still sell it now. As it comes in three colours (of which I have two) and has a lovely smooth moist texture to it.

Ok pretend you can't see my eye make up here. It's the only photo I have wearing this lipstick. Which is from the Kate collection by Rimmel, it's a very dark purple that looks black most of the time. Its ok, but the formula could be better. I had another Kate lipstick in the matt range and it was awful, really dry and lumpy. Both about £5.49 I think.

Finally, my other lipstick of the Collection 2000 gothic shades, Revenge. Alot like the first, Seduction,  only deeper and darker. LOVE.

I never used to have the courage  to wear lipstick at all, although we have all gone through that babybat stage of thinking I MUST ONLY WEAR BLACK LIPSTICK OR I AM NOT A REAL GOTH!! Haha. But I do find it easier wearing lipstick with only light eyemakeup during the day, it's very easy to pull off and will help ease you into wearing lipstick more often.  There are so many wonderful shades of lipstick on my makeup wishlist too, but I'd rather wait and use up a few I already have than buy more. Maybe when I get them I will do more makeup posts.

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