Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Kreepsville hair horns!

Although I have owned a black pair for sometime now, I recently bought a lilac pair on a whim, not sure I would ever wear them. But since my hair is now purple I find they match perfectly and love to wear them!

You can't see them all that well in the photos which is frustrating as in thr mirror they look very obvious.

They are really hard to find anywhere, especially cheap. I bought the black ones from an Etsy shop, but I found the purple ones at a local goth shop in Bristol called Twilight fashions. And they were SO much cheaper,  never mind p&p!

 One last picture, for the sake of my makeup. Haha. I also had my hair in plaits yesterday so it's very crinkly(for lack of a better description) today so being my lazy self I just backcombed the shit out of it and stuck in some accessories.

Happy Wednesday!


  1. Check out ebay for the devil horns. I got them in every color for like .99 each one. They are the same as the Kreepsville ones and WAAAAAAAAAAAY cheap! Shipping is free too.